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Every day, we’re flooded with information, especially through online channels. To stand out and get your messages across, they need to filter through and connect with the right people.

At Filtered Communications, we offer a complete range of communications services, including writing, editing and content audits, campaign planning, PR strategies and training. Our services are tailored to help you listen to and engage stakeholders, understand how to build and manage your relationships and reputation, and even to pursue new opportunities and overcome challenges.

Strong Communications Help Businesses Succeed

Effective communications come from core strategies and targeted content that’s specific to your audience, industry and goals. Filtered Communications provides content, communications plans and relevant research for all types of businesses, from start-ups and small non-profits, to corporate and national organizations.

Engaging Your Stakeholders

All businesses have stakeholders and audiences made of people, groups and organizations. To create effective content and communications plans, it’s vital to identify and understand who they are – how they impact or are impacted by the business or industry, what their interest or investment is, and the opportunities and barriers related to engaging and influencing them.

While each business is unique, common stakeholders include current and future:

  • Customers or clients
  • Employees and volunteers
  • Media (local, national and trade)
  • Investors, donors and supporters (financial and advocacy)
  • Communities (members, businesses and leaders)
  • Government
  • Suppliers and distributors

Knowing who can help or hinder your ability to succeed, grow, or simply maintain what you have is crucial, but strong relationships and a good reputation take time and effort. Our communications and writing services can help.

About Filtered Communications

Located in Cambridge, Ontario, Filtered Communications was founded by Lauren Schlaht, an experienced communications professional with a passion for strategic planning and all types of writing.

Lauren has worked in a diverse range of communications roles throughout her career, spanning small, local start-ups to national organizations. Her experience has given her the skills to understand and analyze who and what affects a business, as well as how to build relationships and communicate effectively with key stakeholders and audiences. These skills and strategies drive the quality content and communications plans offered by Filtered Communications. Learn more about us.


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